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Rendering of new Assigned Team housing - The Ketch

Having passed the 50 year mark of our history, we are now focused on setting up Castaway for the next 50 years.  Our priority project now is to address our Assigned Team Housing where our staff families live in the summer and weekend staff would stay during the school season.  The New Ketch will be first class staff housing with 16 bedrooms and a great room for the entire staff to gather, entertain, or relax. This new building will replace the current Ketch which was originally a single family summer home. Additionally we will be able to address the extreme overcrowding of our Assigned Team housing as well as providing housing appropriate to the level of responsibility they have in the summer. It will also provide excellent weekend staff housing and a first class small group retreat location. Adequate housing for our Young Life Staff in the summer is critical to the future of Castaway.

After completion of the New Ketch, we will work to build a new Summer Staff Lodge and replace the existing Galleon Boy’s Lodge.  The completion of this phase will place all who serve in the summer in the same general location.  It will also give us the opportunity to build replacement housing for the Galleon by converting the Cutter (existing Summer Staff Lodge) to a boy’s lodge and building a new Galleon similar and adjacent to the Cutter. This will give us higher quality housing, increased capacity, and flexibility when guy to girl ratios are uneven.

The capstone of this project plan is a new waterslide in the area where the Galleon was.  This will give us a row of camper activities from the swing to the end of the beach all overlooking our greatest asset, Pelican Lake. We can also take advantage of the elevation change as we move from the bluff area to the beach area, making the slide a perfect fit.

All of these projects will be completed through the generous donations of friends of Castaway. For more information or if you’d be interested investing in this vital plan please contact Greg Johnson at or call 218-532-2662.

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