Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of housing is available for campers?
Castaway Club has six dormitory-style buildings that can house up to 450 campers and leaders. We have two separate buildings for staff and adult housing.

Is Castaway able to host smaller groups?
Yes, we can accommodate small groups. Typically a small group shares the camp with a larger group and follows the large group meal schedule. We strive to coordinate and meet the needs of both groups. Smaller meeting areas are available.

Is there a minimum number of guests required for reservation?
For exclusive use of the property, Castaway requires at least 200 paying guests. 100 paying guests are required for Primary use, meaning that the group will have first choice of facility use but Castaway may book other small groups. Any groups less than 100 paying guests will be considered Complimentary and Castaway may book several of these groups and will coordinate meal times and facility use.

I am ready to book a week/weekend...what is my next step?
Contact our office via the information listed on the Booking Page. Once an available week/weekend has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, you will be sent a Guest Services Information (GSI) Packet. You will complete the GSI, providing estimated numbers, meal times, store and coffee shop times and requested activity rides (i.e. giant swing, climbing wall). If any information on the GSI is incorrect or needs to be changed, please contact the camp office at least 10 days prior to arrival.

Is there space for a large group to meet all together?
The Anchor Club Room can seat 450 students with its tiered-floor seating.

What is our group expected to do regarding clean-up at the end of our stay?
Clean-up includes taking all used sheets and towels to our laundry room, picking up a bed-pack for each bed used in your cabin, folding blankets, picking up trash off floors and putting back any furniture that has been moved in lounges.

What kind of audio-visual equipment do you have?
The Anchor Club Room contains a stage and an audio-visual room. The AV room contains a 32-channel soundboard, amplifiers, a Mac with ProPresenter and Powerpoint, a DVD player, ipod hook-up, handheld microphones, lapel microphones and video equipment. Additionally, we have mounted projectors and sound systems in other meeting areas as well as a portable sound system.

Does our group need to provide any staffing?
What makes Castaway so affordable is that each group provides its own staffing. Your group will need to provide a work crew and a medical professional (doctor, nurse, or EMT). These guests stay free of charge. Plan on bringing a ratio of 1 work crew for every 10 paying guests up to a maximum of 25, including at least 1 work crew supervisor. Up to 3 additional work crew will be allowed if using the coffee shop. Work crew must be at least high school age. Contact our Guest Services department for more details.

Will I need to bring my own pillow and sleeping bag?
Castaway provides sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels for every guest including work crew.

Can we provide our own food?
Yes. Although the food at Castaway is exceptional, groups may choose to provide their own food. Our Adult Guest lodges include full kitchens that may be used for cooking meals. The dining hall is also available for use for non-Castaway meals.

What type of food is provided?
We are known for our exceptional, quality food. Meals are served family- or buffet-style. A wide variety of options are available.

Castaway generally requires at least 40 paying guests to be able to provide meals. Groups sharing a weekend may combine their totals to meet this requirement.

Will I have internet access while I am at Castaway Club?
Yes, Castaway offers free wireless internet in all our public buildings, dorms, and cottages.
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